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Our Stylists

Meet the masters of beauty at Moss & Black - our eclectic mix of stylists, each holding their unique charm and unparalleled skills, excitedly waiting to sprinkle their magic on your tresses.

Take an explore our stylist's profile pages, laden with social media sneak peeks into their artistic genius, personal style, and the masterpieces they've created. Get to know their specialty services and the value they provide.


Every stylist at Moss & Black is devoted to dedicating just the right amount of time to make your dream look come alive, without eating into your precious day.


And if you're feeling adventurous or unsure, don't shy away from taking our stylist-matching quiz! We're committed to making sure your experience is nothing short of perfect, and every strand of your hair is treated with the love it deserves. Trust us to turn your hair dreams into reality."

Regina Gunn Ardnt - Moss & Black Salon

Regina Ardnt

Esthetician, Specializing in Anti-Aging& Owner Of Belle Pella Spa

Stacey Thomson - Moss & Black Salon

Stacey Thompson

Salon Director

Stacey Thomson - Moss & Black Salon

Rene Stevens

Salon Receptionist

Sheri Anspach - Moss & Black Salon

Sheri Anspach

Guest Experience Manager & Hype Queen

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