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IBE Invisible Bead Hair Extensions 

Say 'au revoir' to thin, lifeless hair, and prepare to meet the vibrant, sexy, and stunning you with our certified Invisible Beaded Extensions (IBE). Expertly designed without any need for glue, tape, or heat, IBE is your ticket to a world of luxurious hair transformations that are as kind to your scalp as they are gorgeous.


Our unique method uses fewer points of contact, meaning less pressure on your delicate scalp and hair follicles. This hair-loving approach is all about minimizing potential damage, provided you treat your extensions with the tender care they deserve. 

Step up your hair game with IBE, as we create length, add a dash of fullness, and maybe even a splash of color to your everyday look. These extensions are less invasive and built to outlast your typical hair extensions. Every strand is a personal testament to your style, custom colored, cut, and styled to ensure a seamless and striking look.


The secret to IBE's charm is its understated elegance. The wefts are so comfortably undetectable that you can confidently rock your voluminous locks with no one the wiser.


Our certified stylists skillfully craft 1-3 rows of hair extensions, each hand-tied weft sewn onto discrete beaded anchors. This innovative technique enhances volume, adds length, all the while keeping the beads hidden, enhancing the natural look.

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Your Experience

Explore Your
Ideal Look

Research the extension style you have in mind. If you're uncertain, try our handy extension quiz to discover the ideal service for your hair type, density, and style goals, including installation, custom coloring, and blending and pricing quote. 

Schedule A 

During this session, we'll dive into your preferred look, discuss optimal placement, and browse inspiration photos together and come up with a plan for your exttension journey.

Secure Your

Once you're set on proceeding, a deposit is needed to lock in your appointment and to secure the hair needed for your install and ensures we're all set for your transformation day.

Explore Your
Ideal Look

The day of your extension installation is thrilling! Plan to spend a good chunk of time with us at the salon. Not only will we install, color, and blend your extensions perfectly, but we'll also wrap up with a mini photoshoot to showcase the stunning results and you have this handy aftercare guide goes over everything you need to know. 

Discover, Transform, Reveal

Your Experience

Have An Extension Emergency??

We get it. You invested time, trust, and money into those hair extensions, only to find they weren't quite what you'd hoped for. Frustrating, right? Breathe easy, because that's precisely where we step in. Don't settle for less than perfection. 

Moss & Black Extension Aftercare E-Book

Extension Aftercare Guide
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