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Moss & Black Spa Experience

Welcome to our spa. As you explore our array of treatments and services, you’ll find that some of our talented technicians are independent entrepreneurs but all are still part of the Moss & Black family. Each one, regardless of affiliation, shares in our commitment to offering you unparalleled service and indulgence. They also 

bring a unique touch and expertise to our luxurious spa experience.


We value the rich tapestry of skills that our collective team brings, and we trust that your journey with us will be as individual and refined as our artisans themselves.

Makeup artist does facial hair removal procedure. Styling and lamination of eyebrows. Styl
Need A Quick Wax with Jill

Whether it's shaping your eyebrows or waxing other areas above the waist, Jill's gentle touch ensures a comfortable experience. Come in for a quick and professional service. 

Meet the Team

Casey Leigh - Strip By Casey Leigh
Casey Leigh

Owner Of Strip By Casey Leigh located inside Moss & Black.  Specializing in all types of body waxing 

Alona Shiminov - Skin and Lashes By Alona
Alona Shimonov

Owner Of Skin and Lashes By Alona located inside Moss & Black. Specializing in European facials and lash extensions

Regina Arndt- Belle Pella Spa
Regina Gunn-Ardnt

Owner of Bella Pelle Spa located inside Moss & Black. Specializing in Anti-Aging facials, treatments and lash lifts

Susana Moss & Black Nail Salon
Susana DeLaTorre

Nail Technician specializing in Gel -X nails , enhancements, nail art & pedicures 

Dr Jennifer Biznueh - Botox Events Moss & Black
Dr. Jenn Bizneuh

Owner of Medical Spa in Gastonia. Specializing in monthly  pop up botox & filler events at Moss & Black

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