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Image by Lauza Loistl

A Personal Note From The Owner


I'm Jennifer, the heart and soul behind Moss & Black. Our salon was created from a vision – to redefine the beauty experience, setting a new standard right here in Waxhaw. At Moss & Black, we believe beauty is an intimate journey, one that is both external and deeply personal.


Stepping into our space, you'll quickly discover it's more than just a salon. It's a sanctuary where sophistication meets warmth, where each service is tailored to reflect your unique beauty narrative. 

Our dedicated team, handpicked for their passion and expertise, ensures each visit transcends mere beauty treatments. Instead, we offer connections, confidence, and an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.


Come and discover the Moss & Black difference. Here, beauty and connection await in every touch and conversation.




A Bit About Us

Welcome to Moss & Black, a cherished award winning, beauty haven nestled in the heart of Waxhaw NC. We are more than just a salon; we are a curated experience where elegance marries functionality. With a versatile team of seasoned beauty specialists, we offer custom hair color solutions tailored to your rhythm of life, transformative hair extensions, and a holistic range of spa services including nails, facials, and waxing – all under one welcoming roof. No more dashing between venues; we’ve curated a comprehensive suite of services for your convenience.
At Moss & Black, it's not just about enhancing your appearance, but about invoking a feeling. Every visit promises not just impeccable beauty transformations but also an immersive experience that makes you feel cherished. Because while many strive to replicate our touch, the Moss & Black essence remains unparalleled. Continuous evolution is ingrained in our ethos. Your feedback powers our growth, enabling us to refine our offerings, elevate experiences, and contribute positively to the vibrant tapestry of our beloved community. Step in, feel the Moss & Black difference, and discover your next beauty sanctuary.


Moss & Black's Diverse Product Palette

In the vast world of beauty and hair, there's no one-size-fits-all. Just as an artist selects from oil paints, watercolors, charcoals, or pastels to bring their vision to life, we too view ourselves as artists of the beauty industry. And like any dedicated artist, our tools—the products we use—play a pivotal role in our creations.
At Moss & Black, we don't confine ourselves to a single brand or product line. Why? Because we believe in the magic of diversity and versatility. Different products bring different strengths, and just as watercolor evokes a different mood and texture than oil paint, so too do various color products give unique results. We're dedicated to understanding the myriad of tools available to us, ensuring we have the best on hand for each individual guest.
Our commitment to you is straightforward: we tirelessly research and investigate diverse product lines, constantly updating our toolkit to ensure we're equipped with the industry's very best. This isn’t about jumping on every trend; it's about informed choices and an ever-evolving palette of options.
So, when you entrust us with your beauty aspirations, know that we're not just selecting a generic product. We're considering which 'paint' from our extensive 'palette' will best bring your desired look to life.

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So.. are you feeling that spark?

You've had a glimpse into the heart of Moss & Black, and we are thrilled you are considering us. Are ready to step into a world where beauty meets connection, then there’s only one question left…

Are You Ready To Be A Moss Babe? 

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