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Join Our Team

Imagine a place where creativity flows as freely as the conversations, and where your passion for styling is matched by a team that’s all about collaboration, not competition.

That’s us – Moss & Black. Here, we believe in creating an environment that’s as nurturing as it is inspiring.
Our Mission

To revolutionize the beauty experience, for beauty professionals and guests. Our dedicated team collaborates to ensure a culture that's both genuine and vibrant. With a mix of warmth, sophistication, and innovative service, we're all about creating an environment that resonates with our guests. Dive into the Moss & Black experience, where we prioritize your comfort, well-being, and even those unspoken desires. 

Our Culture

Our culture thrives on the principle of collaboration over competition. We firmly believe that when we uplift and support one another, we all rise together. Kindness and respect aren't just words here; they're the foundation of our daily interactions, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Core Values Of Moss & Black



Unparalleled Customer Service

Our commitment to extraordinary customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in creating personalized experiences for each client, ensuring they feel listened to, cared for, and immensely valued. At Moss & Black, it’s about more than just hair; it’s about making every visit memorable.


A Work-Life Balance
That Works

At Moss & Black, we understand the importance of balance. Our stylists enjoy a work schedule that respects their personal time, with no one working more than four days a week. We foster a culture of mutual respect, continual growth, and enjoyable work environment.


 A Community
Beyond Hair

Moss & Black is revolutionizing the beauty industry with our unique approach. We focus on community-building, regular team interactions, and continuous learning opportunities. Our goal is to support your growth, both personally and professionally, making our salon more than just a workplace.

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and
liking how you do it."
                                                                            ~ Maya Angelou

Specialists In Beauty

At Moss & Black, we stand out as a salon of specialists in an industry of generalists, redefining beauty with our focus on community, team growth, and continuous learning. We excel in dimensional hair color, with a renowned expertise in balayage, highlights, and vibrant colors.


Our innovative approach extends to hair extensions, utilizing the Invisible Bead Extensions method for seamless and comfortable results. Beyond hair, our spa services are comprehensive, offering personalized facials, meticulous nail care, professional lash extensions, and precise waxing. Each service is crafted to provide a complete and luxurious experience, ensuring every client leaves feeling rejuvenated and exceptionally cared for.


Our Team

At Moss & Black, we are on the lookout for stylists who are not just talented, but who also bring a wave of enthusiasm and a spirit of collaboration to our team. We value individuals who are skilled in their craft, passionate about beauty, and eager to contribute to a team-driven environment. Our ideal candidates are those who thrive on creativity, are eager to learn and grow, and who bring a positive, can-do attitude to every challenge.


In our harmonious work environment, every stylist is more than just an employee; they are an integral part of our Moss & Black family. We strive to create a space where each team member feels deeply valued, not only for their skills but for the unique perspectives they bring. Our salon is a place where motivation and inspiration flow freely, supported by a culture of mutual respect and continuous personal and professional development.


Here, you’ll find a supportive atmosphere that celebrates individual achievements and fosters collective success. Join us, and be part of a dynamic team where your passion for beauty and your commitment to excellence will be nurtured and appreciated.

Our Experience

At Moss & Black, every client’s visit is more than an appointment; it’s an indulgent experience that begins the moment they step through our doors. Our commitment to exceptional service standards is evident in every detail, ensuring a visit to our salon is a memorable and luxurious affair. We nurture our guests not only while they are in the salon but also after they leave, creating a lasting impression that extends beyond their physical transformation.


Our salon boasts elevated amenities designed to ensure maximum comfort for every guest. From the cozy ambiance of our coffee and Mimosa bar to the plush comfort of our seating areas, every aspect of the salon is curated for relaxation and enjoyment. Our clients are invited to unwind in an atmosphere that’s both inviting and exclusive, sipping on a beverage of their choice while our stylists work their magic.


The vibe at Moss & Black is unique and has been carefully cultivated to create an environment that cannot be duplicated. It’s a vibe that you feel the moment you walk in; a blend of sophistication, warmth, and impeccable style. This ambiance is an integral part of the Moss & Black experience, making each visit not just about beauty treatments, but about immersing in an atmosphere of luxury and care.


We understand that the essence of great service lies in the details. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each client feels not just pampered, but genuinely cared for. This commitment to excellence and personalized attention makes every visit to Moss & Black a special event, leaving our guests feeling cherished and rejuvenated, both inside and ou


Passion Meets Purpose

Does the vision of Moss & Black resonate with your professional dreams? Can you see yourself thriving in an environment that values creativity, balance, and genuine connections? If you’re nodding in agreement, we would love to hear from you.


However, it’s essential to understand that at Moss & Black, our selection process is as unique as our salon. We look beyond the resume; we seek individuals who not only have the skills but also embody the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines us. Our team is carefully curated to maintain the culture and ethos we hold dear.


If you believe your passion, skills, and values align with ours, we invite you to take the next step. Fill out an application and let us explore the possibility of you becoming an integral part of the Moss & Black story.


This isn’t just a call for applications; it’s an invitation to join a journey of growth, creativity, and community. We are selective because we believe in fostering a team that’s not just skilled but harmonious and driven by shared values.


Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Apply now and let’s discover if your path intersects with the vibrant and inspiring world of Moss & Black.

Benefits & Perks At Moss & Black


Schedules & Time

• Flexible Work Schedules & Unlimited Time Off: Balance your professional and personal life with the flexibility to design your own work schedule, and the option for unlimited time off.

• Double Booking Optional: If you prefer to focus on one client at a time for a more relaxed and personal service, allowing you to work without the stress of juggling multiple appointments. We want your schedule to feel comfortable so you can thrive.

• Control Over Service Timing: Manage your service schedule to suit your pace and your clients’ needs, ensuring a comfortable and efficient working environment is very important to us. 


Rewarding Talent & Hard Work

• Commission-Based Positions: Our employee positions are commission-based, ensuring that your hard work and skill directly contribute to your earnings. We believe in rewarding excellence and dedication.

• Merit-Based Raises: Your financial growth is tied to your performance and client demand. We offer raises based on merit, recognizing and rewarding your professional development and the increasing demand for your time.


• 401k Company Matching: Secure your financial future with our 401k matching program. We’re committed to helping you build long-term financial stability.

• Generous Stylist Appreciation Discounts: Twice a year, enjoy a 40% discount on wholesale priced Oribe products. It’s our way of saying thank you for your incredible work.

• Booth Rental Option: After one year with us, explore the opportunity to transition to booth rental. We provide coaching to ensure you’re fully prepared for this step, helping you succeed and flourish in your independent venture.


Growth & Learning 

• Engaging Team Chats & Bonding Activities: Enjoy team chats that blend productive discussions with delightful snacks, drinks and engaging conversation. Additionally, our bonding activities provide a fun and relaxed environment for everyone to connect and grow together.


• Guidance in All Aspects of Your Career: Dive into the intricacies of the hair industry with our support. We assist you in setting and achieving ambitious personal, professional, and financial goals, fostering a nurturing environment for your career advancement.


• Comprehensive Education Programs: Our commitment to ongoing learning and development is unwavering. With regular in-salon education sessions, educational trips, and access to external training opportunities, we ensure your skills remain sharp, your knowledge up-to-date, and your creativity continuously flowing.


• Collaborative and Uplifting Team Environment: Thrive in our collaborative and noncompetitive atmosphere, where sharing ideas, formulations, and techniques is encouraged and valued. We all kind of geek out on it. 


• Extensive Color Bar: As an artist at Moss & Black, you’ll have access to our fully stocked color bar, featuring a diverse range of products from various companies. We equip you with a comprehensive array of tools, fostering utmost creativity and flexibility in your work.


Love & Personal Connections

• Holiday Time Off: Recognizing the importance of cherished moments, we ensure you get ample holiday time off. This enables you to fully engage in life’s special occasions with your loved ones, free from work obligations.

• Unlimited Time Off: Balance is essential. Our unlimited time off policy supports this, allowing you to attend to personal matters or simply take time for yourself. This flexibility ensures you’re at your best, both within our community and in your personal life.

• Staff Retreats and Bonding: Strengthen your connections within our community through our staff retreats and bonding weekends. These events are more than just fun escapes; they’re opportunities to build deeper relationships, share experiences, and create memories in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.


At Moss & Black, you’re part of a supportive and close-knit community. We recognize the importance of nurturing a healthy balance between professional commitments and personal relationships, and we’re dedicated to supporting that harmony in every possible way.


In order to be irreplaceable, one must
always be different."
                                                      ~ Coco Chanel


Our Essential Requirements & Professional Standards

For Employment At Moss & Black


State Licensing

Requirement: Active North Carolina Cosmetic Arts License.

Rationale: To join our team, you must be fully licensed in the state of North Carolina. This ensures that you have the necessary qualifications and adhere to the professional standards required in the beauty industry.


Social Media Presence

Requirement: Maintain an active, separate business social media page.

Importance: An active social media presence, with a minimum of 2-3 posts per week, is essential. This demonstrates your seriousness and passion for your career. A separate business page from your personal account is required to maintain professional boundaries and focus.


Professional Appearance

Expectation: Hair and makeup done, dressed professionally.

Purpose: At Moss & Black, appearance matters. While we don’t enforce a strict dress code, we expect all team members to present themselves professionally. This includes well-styled hair and makeup. Your appearance is a reflection of our brand. We encourage a look that embodies professionalism and style, aligning with Moss & Black’s high standards.


Teamwork and Conduct:

Standard: Collaborative spirit, no tolerance for drama or negativity.

Explanation: Working well with others is non-negotiable. We foster a drama-free environment and expect all team members to contribute positively and communicate effectively to our salon culture. Profanity and negativity, whether in the salon or on social media, are not in line with the Moss & Black brand and will not be tolerated.


Commitment To Cleanliness

Expectation: Proactive maintenance of salon cleanliness.


Detail: A clean and organized salon is vital for a professional atmosphere. We expect team members to take initiative in maintaining cleanliness, ensuring our space is always welcoming and hygienic. This includes being proactive in cleaning and organizing without the need for reminders.

A Note From Jenn

Hello and thank you for considering a career with Moss & Black. Your interest in joining our team is truly appreciated. At Moss & Black, we’re not just a team, we’re a collective of creative minds coming together to make something beautiful. I believe every person who walks through our doors brings their own unique spark to our vibrant tapestry.


If you’re curious about the roots of Moss & Black and my personal journey in shaping this space of creativity and collaboration, I warmly invite you to delve into my story click below or if you already feel a connection with our vision and ethos, I encourage you to go ahead take the next step and apply. I’m looking forward to possibly embarking on this exciting journey with you.

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