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Jennifer Mosblech Moss & Black Salon Owner

Jennifer Mosblech

Salon Leader, IBE Extension Artist & Master Colorist Specializing in Dimensional Brunettes

Hello there! I'm Jennifer Mosblech, your NYC-born hairstylist who's been banishing bad hair days since the '90s. In 2006, I swapped the city skyline for the sunny south, making my home in the charming town of Waxhaw. Today, I wear many hats - a passionate hairstylist, a devoted mom, and the proud owner of the Moss & Black Salon and Spa.


Balancing life as a working mom and wife, I deeply understand the value of self-care and me-time. Whether you're steering a company or a household, you deserve a dose of luxury and love. It's this belief that sparked the creation of Moss & Black.


With 29 years in the industry, my hands have danced through countless tresses, elevating confidence and spreading joy. I've honed my skills alongside NYC's finest, and I never miss an opportunity to learn the newest techniques and trends, ensuring my clients only get the very best.


Step into my salon, and you're in for a treat! Think of it as a mini-vacation where you can kick back in an elegant yet relaxed setting. Together, we'll craft the perfect look, blending your vision with my artistic touch. My chair? It's a space for connection, laughter, and beauty secrets galore. And, our relationship doesn't end post-appointment – I'll be checking in, making sure your hair still has that 'wow' factor.


Outside the salon, I'm either indulging in tapas at the newest restaurant, enjoying date nights with my main man, shopping up a storm, or sipping pink cosmo martinis with my girls. And yes, I'm a Netflix aficionado, and just love anything based on a true story. So let's swap binge-worthy recommendations when you're here.


Ready for a hair transformation that melds creativity with expertise? Book your spot with me and join our cherished Moss & Black family!


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