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Susie DeLaTorre

Nail Specialist

Born in California and raised in beautiful North Carolina.  I am a licensed nail artist since 2018.  I always enjoyed getting my nails done and that was what inspired me to become a nail technician. While getting my nails done I would watch closely to see what other techs were doing.  I couldn't help but think “I can do that, and probably better”. The beauty loving artist in me did just that! 


I truly enjoy the nail industry because the possibilities are endless. There is always something to learn whether it’s a new technique, a new design, or new products. I believe  treating yourself to a mani/pedi is one of those must have self care routines we all need and love, because nails should never be boring!


When I'm not in the salon I enjoy canvas painting, spending time with my family, candle shopping, and keeping track of the newest nail trends. 


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