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Prices reflected are for Stylist | Master Stylist.
All pricing serves as a base price for existing guests. Pricing may shift based on hair length, density and on the plan we create for you and your hair. 
If you are a new guest be sure to check out our new guest booking page for more details. 

French Blonding

All French blonding services are offered by all stylists. Root touchups can be added to cover grey or lighten natural color and will include a bond builder treatment, toner/gloss and blowout. 


Painted pieces are placed in foil for the ultimate lift - PERFECT for brunettes looking to be super blonde. Add on a

root touchup for grey coverage or to lighten natural color. 

$180 |  $200


Hair color painting technique that creates a sun kissed, natural and soft regrowth lines. Not everyones hair lifts the

same, this color process can be tailored to fit your hair type. 

$160 |  $185 



This blonding style is the blending of one color hue to another. With this look all the ends are going to be affected

and the transition from the roots to the ends is going to be pretty short. Vivid toners are additional. 

$200 | $230


All blonding services are offered by all stylists. Root touchups can be added to cover grey or lighten natural color and will include bond builder treatment, toner/gloss and blowout. 



Highlighting utilizes traditional foil that creates an all over change. A full highlight has every section of the hair foiled and creates

an all-over lighter appearance without bleaching your entire head. Partial focuses on the top half of the head.

It is perfect for a fill in on standout highlights or can be one or two shades lighter for natural dimension.

Full $130 + | $160+

Partial $115+ |  $160+

Mini highlighting 

This mini service is great as an add-on for a root touchup or for in-between services paired with a gloss treatment.

These highlights focus on the face frame and/or part. 

$40+ |  $60+

Platinum blonding

There is nothing more GLAM than platinum blonding. This service involves lightening every strand of hair for an even, flawless, healthy result. This service requires a toner and can be anything from champagne to silver tones.  

First time platinum service is considered a color correction. 

$110+ |  $130+

Hair Color 

All hair color services are offered by all stylists and will include conditioning hot towel treatment & blowout.

Root retouch

Applied to roots for grey coverage and/or to lighten natural base color.

$65 + | $90 +

Root retouch with color refresh & haircut

Applied to roots for grey coverage and/or to lighten natural base color. Includes haircut and blowout. 

$140 + | $170 +

Vivid Hair

Very different from traditional hair color, this usually requires hair to be pre lightened then toned in fantasy, rainbow, mermaid, or fun solid hair colors. The creativity is endless. Consultation is required for properly pricing this service.  

Color correction

Color corrections are usually required to correct a mistake or something you dislike from a  previously colored hair service or for drastic color changes. A consultation is vital to getting the look you want. Booking a consultation is required for this service.



Haircut and Style

All haircuts include shampoo, hot towel and blow dry

Offered by all stylists


French haircutting 

$60 | $90

Buzz cut

$25 |  $35

Teen cut

$45+ |  $75+

Formal up style




Wash and blow-dry 

$30  | $45

Add additional $15 for iron waves

Natural Hair Styles

Natural hair styles are only offered with Rachel


Whether you have had natural hair your whole life or are a new convert, there are days you want you hair to be no fuss.

This could mean changing texture, experimenting with extensions, tools and accessories or sticking to classic styles. 

Since no two looks are alike, these trending hairstyles require a consultation to quote and book appropriate time.   

Crochet Braids

The crochet method is a way of adding hair extensions to your natural hair.

$140 + | $170 +


Includes shampoo, conditioner with hot towel treatment and blow-dry style. 


Deep Conditioning Treatments

These are essential for all natural hair styles. They allow the hair shaft to absorb more moisture to keep it in

optimum health, repair damage and promote healthy hair growth. 


Smoothing  Treatments

Smoothing Treatments

Offered by Emma, Danielle & Rachel

This is a chemical process that semi permanently changes the hair to be smooth, shiny and speeds up drying time.

These treatments are keratin based which is a naturally occurring protein

 found in our hair. We lose keratin over time and this replaces it in each strand.


This is safe on all hair types and ages. The products we have selected last longer and are healthier. They have no

harsh chemicals and are 100% formaldehyde free with no methylene-glycol. They also require no downtime,

you can wash your hair the same day.

These are the very best options out there. These services usually take 3-4 hours and last six to nine month with

proper care. Consultation is recommended to be sure we select the right product for your hair type. 


Magic Sleek - $300+

OXO organic - $300+

Cezanne - $250+

Magic Sleek Express ( lasts 3 months)  $150+ 

Hand- tied Extensions

Hand tied beaded weft extensions are offered with Emma and Jennifer 

Hand tied extensions are the healthiest method and requires no glue, tape, or heat to apply. With minimal points

of contact, this will put less pressure on your scalp and hair follicle, which means little to

no damage if cared for properly.

These extensions can add length, fullness or color to your everyday look and is less invasive and longer lasting

than other hair extension alternatives. Your extensions will be custom colored, cut and styled keeping

your look seamless. These wefts are virtually undetectable and comfortable giving you the luxurious

locks you have always dreamed of. 

Extensions are priced from $350 + and a final price is based on our consultation. 

Bridal Services

Bridal services

We offer hair styling, makeup and lash services for the bride and her entire wedding party plus

moms and flower girls. We can host your party in our salon or we can travel to your location. 

We also offer pre-wedding services such as manicures and pedicures for your party. Mimosa bar and

food platters can be arranged. 

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