Hair Extensions

Hand tied extensions are the healthiest method and requires no glue, tape, or heat to apply. With minimal points of contact, this will put less pressure on your scalp and hair follicle, which means little to no damage if cared for properly.​ These extensions can add length, fullness or color to your everyday look and is less invasive and lasting longer than other hair extension alternatives. Your extensions will be custom colored, cut and styled keeping your look seamless. These wefts are virtually undetectable and comfortable giving you the luxurious locks you have always dreamed of. 

Extensions are priced from $350 + and a final price is based on our consultation. 

Every extension appointment requires a consultation prior to installation. As always for new guests, your consultation is complimentary. Fill out the application below. This will give you some information and an idea of what to expect.

Hand-tied hair extension application
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Hand-tied beaded row extension investment


New extension clients can expect to invest $1000 - $1600 for their initial appointment. This includes the hair, installation, custom color, cut & style. 

There is a $500 non- refundable deposit required to secure your appointment. This deposit goes towards your appointment total. 

There is a 72 hour cancellation notice and if your appointment is rescheduled/cancelled within that time frame you may be subject to invest another retainer. 

Extension Maintenance

*Hand-tied beaded row extensions need to be moved up every 6-10 weeks

* Hand-tied hair extension wefts need to be replaced every 6-12 months - with proper care and usage of recommended products the later is very achievable. 

* You may choose to replace hair sooner for an additional investment. 

Tightening appointments begin at $200 for first row and $75 each additional row/ not including color.

Having read and understood the financial commitment to get and maintain hand-tied beaded row extensions are you ready to invest in yourself and get the hair you always dreamed of?

I understand that by submitting this form, it does not guarantee an appointment. I understand that by submitting this form I will receive general information based on the answers I provide, but for detailed cost and process breakdowns I'll need to come into the salon for an in-person consultation. I understand that it may take up to 4 weeks for an appointment spot. I understand that initial cost can vary greatly depending on current hair, goal hair, and extension method, but understand that this is a luxury service that is a financial and time investment. I understand that maintenance appointments must be kept every 8-10 weeks. I understand that a NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER must be paid before an appointment can officially be placed on the schedule and once that retainer has been delivered that an appointment has been officially secured and I will forfeit the retainer if I cancel my appointment.