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About Me


Hi I'm Jennifer Mosblech

Quick heads-up: this isn’t a mandatory read, just a little storytime for those curious about the person behind the brand at Moss & Black. So, buckle up, but don’t worry, I promise there won’t be a quiz at the end! LOL 


Diving right in – I’m originally from New York City, then Long Island-raised. I’ve been in love with hair and beauty since, well, forever. Picture this: a little me, wide-eyed, watching my mom work her hairdressing magic. That’s where my story starts. Fast forward to 18, I’m fresh out of Beauty School and ready to conquer the world, or at least Long Island’s hair scene. Hair coloring became my art, my passion, my superpower.


Now, let’s talk entrepreneurship. I’ve been steering my own ship since 2006, with over 22 years tucked under my belt in this fabulous industry. From a motivated colorist to a hairstylist with a knack for making every client’s day, I’ve worn many hats (and not just to cover up bad hair days).


In 2006, I landed in Charlotte, NC. No family around, just me, my hubby (btw, he’s also my high school sweetheart), my babies (including fur-babies) and a dream. So, I kicked off a freelance career. What started as a kitchen beautician side gig from home soon blossomed into something bigger, blending motherhood with my love for hair.


2010 was my “let’s shake things up” year. I co-created FunkyTown Parties – a place where kids’ party dreams came to life, and I even moonlighted as a DJ! This venture was my creative playground while still keeping my scissors busy with a loyal client base.


Fast forward to 2014, I waved goodbye to FunkyTown (sold it for a neat profit – yay!) and plunged headfirst back into hairdressing. My client list exploded, quadrupling within a year. That’s when I knew – this isn’t just a job; it’s a calling.


Education?? Well, New York City offers some of the best opportunities and academies for advanced education. I'm grateful I took advantage of them when I lived there, but I've also traveled all over the country investing in education. Truth be told, it's one of my favorite activities. I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible stylists and wonderful mentors who helped me master my craft. In addition to my pursuit of education, I’ve been certified in various specialties, ranging from IBE extensions to becoming a certified master colorist. My journey has been amazing.


In 2021, I fulfilled a long-cherished dream by opening the doors of Moss & Black. This salon is more than just a business to me; it’s the embodiment of a vision to revolutionize the beauty industry. My goal was to create an environment that transcends the typical salon experience – a place where the genuine well-being and growth of every stylist are at the forefront.


At Moss & Black, we’re not just another salon. We stand out by redefining the standards of how beauty services are delivered and how stylists work. I wanted to create a space where the unique talents of each stylist are celebrated and nurtured, where fair hourly rates and a supportive work culture are the norms, not the exceptions.


My mission in establishing Moss & Black was to build a community, not just a team. A place where hard work is balanced with respect and kindness, and where every stylist’s individual journey is as important as their professional skills. Here, you’re encouraged to grow both personally and professionally in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.


Joining Moss & Black means stepping into a salon that values your aspirations, recognizes your talent, and genuinely cares about your success. It’s an invitation to be part of something innovative – a salon that prioritizes the happiness and fulfillment of its stylists as much as it does the satisfaction of its clients.


I invite you to be a part of this journey, to contribute your unique skills and personality to a salon that’s reimagining the beauty industry. Let’s create something extraordinary together at Moss & Black.

When I’m not immersed in the world of Moss & Black, And if I’m not working in my business, I’m working on it. You can often catch me with my nose in a business book, soaking up all things growth and leadership – sounds like a wild party, right?


In addition to running Moss & Black, I’m deeply passionate about community service. Giving back is an integral part of who I am. Whether it’s feeding the homeless or hosting charity events, I find fulfillment in helping those in need. We also partner with a local church to organize food drives and provide Christmas gifts to children and families in our community. These initiatives bring us closer to the heart of our neighborhood, allowing us to spread joy and support to those who need it most.


This commitment to community service is not just about making a difference; it’s a reflection of the values we cherish at Moss & Black. It’s about connecting with our community, sharing what we have, and bringing smiles to faces, one thoughtful act at a time.


My personal time is equally precious. It’s filled with date nights with my hubby, girl time with my daughter, and those special moments when my college son comes home – he’s a hugger, and I absolutely cherish every hug. We love to travel, always on the lookout for our next adventure, whether it’s exploring the newest, hottest restaurant in town or jet-setting to a new destination.


Relaxation for me? It’s a mix of painting furniture, dabbling in the garden, or binging the latest show. And of course, there’s nothing like a good movie night. My four adorable pups (yes, I know, it’s a lively household!) are always part of the fun. They keep life interesting and full of love.

So, there you have it – my story, Moss & Black’s story, and maybe, just maybe, the start of our story together. Can’t wait to see where our paths cross!

                                                                                                                                                             ~ Jenn

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